Full Denture Patient Appointments

Fringe Dentures has been making dentures in Canberra for over 30 years. Over this time we have developed processes to give our patients the best outcome and fit in a new full denture. Below is the journey we take with you in order to give you just this.

calendar-icon-01    Initial Appointment

Your first appointment with us will help us get to know each other and find out how we can best help you. We will cover the following:

  • Medical records;
  • An oral examination;
  • Discuss needs and expectations (yours and ours);
  • Discuss options (tooth colour etc); and
  • You will leave with a cost and a custom treatment plan.
  • (In most cases) Take primary impressions of your mouth;
  • These impressions are scanned into our computer for making secondary trays.

calendar-icon-02-01    Secondary Impressions

At this time we use custom trays from the primary impressions taken at your initial appointment. This helps us take a much more accurate impression of your mouth. We will also take some other measurements in order to give your denture the best fit possible.

calendar-icon-03-01    Try-in Appointment

At this appointment you’ll get to see what your new denture will look like!
We have made up a mock denture that we will try in so we can check that all the measurements are correct and that your denture will fit nicely once the real version is made.
Together, we will work through a checklist ensuring that you’re happy with the overall look (including tooth colour and size) so you end up with exactly what you want once the real denture is made.
At this appointment minor changes can be made without having to add any time to the process. However, if we have to make any major changes we may need to repeat this appointment.

calendar-icon-04-01    Final Fitting

Your new dentures will be ready to go home with you today!
We will try your new dentures in making sure your happy with the fit and (if needed) make some minor comfort adjustments.
To help you care for your new dentures you’ll be given a denture care kit and cleaning instructions.

calendar-icon-05     Adjustments

You may need to come back and see us for minor adjustments as your gums settle, this is all included in the denture cost.

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